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What are VOCs?

Traditional household paints contain toxic chemicals that are released into the air for years after application, called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Other paints which are classified as low VOC can still contain up to 7.5% VOCs (even some companies that claim to be “zero VOC” aren’t in fact zero, be sure to read the fine print on the product data sheets!). VOCs outgas for years after application continuing to impact on the indoor air quality of your work and living environments.

Why are VOCs so bad?

VOCs are harmful chemicals that have been shown to contribute to many health conditions including breathing difficulties, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision and even cancer. If you’ve ever walked into a recently painted room and felt a little dizzy or your eyes started stinging, that’s a small indication of how your body is being impacted by the VOCs. The World Health Organisation classifies painting as a high risk occupation as repeated exposure to the VOCs in regular paints leads to much higher rates of lung and bladder cancer for painters.

Are Ecolour paints independently tested and certified as zero-VOC?

Yes!  Ecolour is the first licensee to have its products certified under GECA’s new Paints and Coatings standard after passing its audit with DLCS International. Ecolour paints contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to human health.

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