Talent 3.0

The old model of hiring employees who stayed with your firm for life are long gone. The competition for talent is fierce, a great salary and flexible working conditions are no longer sufficient.
Attracting top talent now requires taking a fresh approach to recruitment and embracing new models of engagement that work for how people want to work. Zoe can help evolve your talent strategy to attract and retain access to top talent.

Boundaryless Talent

Navigating the freelancer revolution to get access to top talent


Embracing side hustles and creating a win-win scenario for entrepreneurial employees

Building Networks

Developing and growing networks (including advisory boards) to gain insights and access

Delivery Options

Strategy Consulting

Zoe works alongside your organisation to develop and implement a solution

Speaking & Workshops

Insightful & inspiring keynotes, or interactive workshops to guide your team through the content


Personalised assistance for your team to apply the content