Having conceptualised, developed, launched and scaled a range of tech platforms, our advisors are well placed to assist with achieving your technology goals


  • The impact of disruptive technologies is increasing, no sector is immune
  • Tech is now at the heart of just about any business (and if it isn’t, it should be)
  • Whether in industry, research or government, an effective tech strategy is vital (at both a product and enterprise level)


Allaran works closely with our clients to understand their key technology opportunities and challenges, then help to shape a robust but adaptable strategy to move forward. We bring strong of emerging technologies, plus practical experience in having built and managed a range of platforms.

Agile Coaching

If you’re looking to optimise the performance of your team, Allaran can assist you to implement agile and lean practices across your organisation.

Product Strategy

If you have decided that you want to create a new tech product, platform or app, we can help develop an agile strategy to get it delivered.

Enterprise Architecture

We can help you map both the existing and desired state of your structures, processes, and culture (across both technical and business domains), along with guidance on the best pathways forward.