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There are many resources to help you uncover and pursue your one true passion. This website is not one of them. But if you weren’t designed to do just one thing at a time, or you want to make sure your career is resilient no matter what the future holds, you’re in the right place.

If you aren’t sure you know your one true calling (or that one even exists for you!), we can help. The good news is that you don’t need to know in advance how you want your career to turn out. In fact, it’s likely you’ll change industries several times throughout your career, and many of the roles that will be in demand ten years from now may not even exist today. Whilst that may sound overwhelming, or make it difficult to know where to start, building adaptability into your career will help you respond and thrive no matter what the future may hold.

Undergrad Student

Finishing your undergrad soon and not sure where to next? Wanting to build in resilience early in your career? Looking to accelerate quickly and secure exciting new opportunities?

PhD Student/EMCR

Working on your PhD but not sure the academic path is for you? Currently in research but want to explore what opportunities exist in industry or government? Unsure how to translate your skills to move into a new sector?

Working Professional

Is your current way of working not working for you anymore? Are you craving more fulfillment or greater balance? Finding demand for your skillset dropping? Want to make a significant change but don't want to go back to square one?

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University Checklist

Download our free guide to getting the most out of your university experience

University Checklist

Here’s your guide to getting the most from your undergrad degree


Engaging with Industry

It’s never too early in your research journey to start engaging with industry. Here’s five ways to build your industry knowledge & networks

Engaging with Industry

Here’s your guide to getting started on engaging with industry


Career Opportunities

Download our free guide to the top opportunities to grow your career

Career Opportunities

Here’s five of the top opportunities to grow your career